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Dear Friends, 


I am delighted to be able to welcome you to our SHA website.


Delighted, because there was a very serious possibility that the Association would be forced to close due to the lack of volunteers to man the committee. However, a new committee has been formed and the Association lives on, for now at least. It would be such a shame for the Association to have to close after running successfully for so many years. However, we still have the problem of dwindling membership and less and less people coming to view and support our annual shows. The new committee are trying to address these issues.

Over the last twelve months, especially during the first lockdown, many people turned to their gardens for the first time, and many new gardeners have discovered the joy of growing their own produce, whereas others have rekindled an old interest. We would be delighted if some of these new enthusiasts joined us to show their produce at our shows. To this end we have created a new Facebook page to make our group more visible in the community. Hopefully, this will draw in a new membership.


That brings me to membership. Our annual membership fee is currently £4 a year, however, as a committee we have decided to waive membership fees for 2021 until the new membership fee for 2022 is due at the AGM in November. However, new members should still register their contact details via this web site, so that they can be informed of what’s happening.


The other thing the committee felt needed to be addressed was the lack of people viewing the shows on the Saturday afternoons. Local Sheppertonians will have noticed that Saturdays in Shepperton High Street have changed over the years. It appears that these days the majority of people tend to shop locally in the mornings and go elsewhere in the afternoons. That means that we have lost the random viewers who drop in by chance to view the shows. (Actually, that was how I became a member. I happened to see the banner outside the Village Hall and wandered in).  To try to address this, the committee have decided to alter the timing of the show and bring it forward so that viewing can be done earlier.  Hopefully, this will attract more supporters and members.

Our grateful  thanks goes out to the retiring committee members who have kept us going under difficult circumstances, especially to Jon and Caroline Button and Pat and Laurie Burrell.  Last year both our annual shows were cancelled, as were most things. This year we are very hopeful that we will be able to hold an Autumn show. However, this depends on getting a booking for the Village Hall from Spelthorne council. As far as this is concerned, I can only say, keep checking the web site and our Facebook page for information, because you can be sure that as soon as we get the go-ahead we will shout it loud and clear.


Wishing you happy growing.


Jill Greenwood, Shepperton Horticultural Association Chair







Shepperton Horticultural Association is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society.   

Members of SHA can obtain free advice from RHS.  Ask for our affiliation number. 



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