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Shepperton Horticultural Association


We are delighted to announce the following award winners from our Autumn 2021 Show are....



Most points in Vegetables and Flowers: Nicola Cumber (therefore winning the RHS Banksian Medal for 2021)


Most points for Vegetables: John White


Most points for Fruit: Nicola Cumber and Roger White


Most Points Dahlias: Jim Adams


Most Points in Garden Flowers and Pot Plants: Nicola Cumber


Most Points Domestic: Nicola Cumber


Best Exhibit Vegetables: John White


Best Exhibit Fruit:  John Aylmer


Best Exhibit Dahlias: Anne Adams


Best Exhibit Garden Flowers: John White


Best Exhibit Pot Plants: Laurie Burrell


Best Exhibit Preserving: Nicola Cumber


Best Exhibit Baking: Jill Greenwood


Best Exhibit Photography: Monica Chard

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